Part 3 - Pride and Prejudice Audiobook by Jane Austen (Chs 26-40)
24 сентября 2013

Part 3 - Pride and Prejudice Audiobook by Jane Austen (Chs 26-40)

Part 3 - Pride and Prejudice Audiobook by Jane Austen (Chs 26-40)
Part 3. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by Elizabeth Klett. Playlist for Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice free audiobook at Librivox: Pride and Prejudice free eBook at Project Gutenberg: Pride and Prejudice at Wikipedia: View a list of all our videobooks:
Изучение английского языка станет простым с видео Part 3 - Pride and Prejudice Audiobook by Jane Austen (Chs 26-40).
#1 написал: RiceJars (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
oh my god, sometimes the language is so sophisticated that I spend an hour figuring? out what one conversation meant.
#2 написал: 11521 (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
LOVE your audio-books to pieces, the reading style of everyone in this channel just takes you right to the time and place that the book describes, if there is? any 'improvement' (if you can call it an improvement) I could suggest is to read a little bit slower, but other than that this videos are perfect!! <3
#3 написал: cqdude01 (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
lovely? reader.
#4 написал: WateverWatever04 (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
I love your Mr.Collins reading voice!? lol
#5 написал: BubbleAlvin (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
no? me gusta tambien...
#6 написал: tutorialesypedidos (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
#7 написал: maille cajuste (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
@CCProse - My brother said his teacher made this book boring. If this video existed when he was in high school it would have saved his copy of P&P from the waterfall of drool that fell from his mouth during homeroom lol. I'm going to send this to him and see what he says lol. Thanks? for the post!!
#8 написал: Olivia Kohler (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
this is a great book? of life and funny!!!!!!!
#9 написал: VigoJoeJoe (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
Chapter 40 won't play no matter what I do.?
#10 написал: winterwebkinz5 (26 сентября 2013 07:33)
umm okay...?
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